Our Story

This is the ethos of Lavanya Mahate – the founder of East India Pantry and Saffron Valley. How can you argue with it?

Lavanya’s mission is to assist people in experiencing the richness of Indian cuisine and the glorious spices it has to offer. With just that goal in mind she conceptualized the perfect combination of many different spices and dehydrated vegetables and created unique spice blends to make the process of cooking Indian food much shorter without compromising on the authentic taste.

As a child growing up in India Lavanya passed hours in the kitchen observing and learning the ropes from trained Indian cooks. This gave her a deep understanding of the culture, skill and sense of ceremony that goes into Indian cooking in its most conventional form.

On moving to the US some satisfied friends after tasting a delicious meal asked her to share her secret with the world. That half serious and half jesting comment got Lavanya started.

Not one to do things half way she spent nearly two years researching the market, the product line, target market, competition and buying patterns. She realized the need for a quick, easy and healthy approach to cooking Indian meals without losing the unique Indian flavor!

And so, East India Pantry wafted onto our tables, our computers, our mail boxes and… our tummies!

A restaurant arm of East India Pantry came along shortly named Saffron Valley, named the best Indian Restaurant in Utah 2012 and continues to win critical acclaim and awards from the "foodie" community.

Lavanya is a thorough bred foodie and loves to spread her passion for gastronomy with the rest of the world through the work that she pursues.

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